Programming of Micro Controller

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PIC Micro training Course Beginners Level

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This C for PICmicro microcontrollers Course is designed for Absolute beginners who need to learn how to program embedded microcontrollers in C. This course comes with all the software tools needed to create hex code for a wide range of PIC microcontroller devices — including a C compiler and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

The course is a beginners Entry level training that concentrates on the fundamentals of C programming. The course comes with a series of lab tests and exercises using the Integrated Development Environment and compiler provided. Once you have developed sufficient expertise in C programming, you can use the knowledge learn here and the software tools supplied with the course to advance and learn the intermediary level were the student can learn how to use C programing for a wide range of projects.


  • A full course in C programming
  • Includes C compiler and IDE
  • Physical Hardware (EasyLab1 Pro Development Board is a PICmicro MCU microcontroller development Board)
  • Includes virtual PICmicro MCU microcontroller simulations
  • Examples and exercises included


The EasyLabl Pro Development Board is a cost-effective, fully integrated 8-bit development platform targeted at first-time users, makers and those seeking a feature-rich, rapid prototyping board.

Designed from the ground-up to take full advantage of MikroElektronika MikrocPro® integrated development environment, the Development Board includes the Needed components, and requires no additional hardware to get started. The Board supports all low-voltage; programming enabled 8-bit PIC® MCUs from 8 to 20 pins.

COURSE OUTLINE for PIC microcontroller Training 4 Beginners.


About the course, Navigation, How to use this course, What is a PIC microcontroller? The Virtual C PICmicro MCU, Sourceboost and Boost C, Development hardware


Conventional programs, embedded programs, writing programs, High and low level, High-level C, Low-level PICmicro MCU code, getting programs into a compiler, writing programs


The Build process, setting up the programmer, starting the compiler, compiling program, linking program, downloading program, Program file locations, Project files, using other PIC microcontrollers, using pragma to configure the chip


Our Embedded system training program is aimed at providing students with an introductory level theory and practice of embedded system design through the application of PIC microcontrollers, Timers and Counters Analog to Digital Conversions Interrupts.


  • Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers
  • Digital I/O ports in PIC16F84
  • ADC channels in PIC16F628
  • Hardware and Software requirements
  • Choosing a PIC Programmer
  • Regulated power supply for external breadboard
  • Getting ready for the first lab
  • PIC micro training Beginner’s Level Practical exercise.
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    FINAL Examination and PROJECT demonstration



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