Paint Production Business

35,000.00 15,000.00


For those desiring to venture into paint manufacturing and supplies, this presents an opportunity to start up on any scale. Paints can be produced at a cottage, small, medium and large scale levels. Capital required to produce and deliver paint range from N200,000.00 to N500,000.00 for cottage scale; N500,000.00 to N3,000,000.00 for small scale; N3,000,000.00 to N10,000,000.00 for medium scale and N10,000,000.00 or more for large scale.


At least two shop-sized rooms are required for cottage level production; half to two plots of land are needed for small scale; six plots to one acre of land or more for medium and substantial scale level of production and two employees are required for cottage levels; five to 10 workers for small scale, 10 to 30 workers for medium scale while 30 or more may be needed for large scale level of production.


For effective and viable running of paint production business, some levels of training are required based on the fact that production processes include measurements and calculations. Entrepreneurs in this line must be adequately equipped to deal with the resources available to them wisely.

Raw materials used for paint production include extender, pigment, solvent, binder and additives of different forms, which he says, can be sourced from the local market.

Some of the machines required for operations, according to him, include roller mill, sand mill and attrition.

The manual roller mill can be fabricated locally for between N15,000.00 and N20,000.00 with a production capacity ranging between 60 and 100 gallons per day which can be used for the cottage scale for is also needed. The electric manual mixing machine, with a production capacity of 300 gallons of paints per day costing aboutN70,000.00can be utilized for the small scale production.

There is no doubt that paint production is a profitable business in which the capital invested put can undoubtedly be recovered within a short time.


Production procedures include the capacity of raw materials, water measurement into the blending machine tank, measurement of raw materials, directing, emptying of paints into the plastics, product storage and distribution followed by sales.

Worthy of note is that pricing of paint items is reliant on demand which going by the recent wave in building constructions will attract great demands provided good marketing mix are involved. Illustration – that producers cost of emulsion paint are N400 or more per gallon in the business sector, depends upon the quality and the brand name of the organization.

Emulsion paints are packaged in plastics, from four litres and 20 litres, while gloss (shine)paints are packaged in steel jars. The expense of obtaining and printing a four-liter plastic is N95 and 20 litres is N380.00 while a four-liter steel can is betweenN220.00 and N260.00.

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